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    Sell more efficiently

    Comprehensive information about your customers –
    any place, any time

    Thanks to the :CRM app you
    make the most of your day

  • :CRM
    Planning provides foresight

    Plan your visits
    using a map and route planning

    Activities and appointments are always
    up to date in your calendar

  • :CRM
    Information gives you a head start

    Always have the lead
    in the sales conversation

    Dashboards and statistics give
    you additional information

  • :CRM
    Speed creates freedom

    No time-consuming follow-up
    of leads after trade shows

    Indoor service and field service
    work together perfectly

With the nexti:CRM App you increase the growth, efficiency and success of your company

Separate or highly integrated – as a supplement to ERP or as a mobile module with nexti:CRM you digitise your acquisition management to achieve your sales goals. The use of the CRM app for the decisive efficiency gain!

Details – Insight provides perspective

In the customer master data, contact persons, addresses and telephone numbers are always at hand.
You have the customer data in view via the Customer Cockpit. Current projects and issues, orders, open deliveries and invoices, and sales statistics are just a tab away. Keep an eye on your lead pipeline wherever you are.

Need for Speed – Speed provides freedom

No time-consuming follow-up of leads after trade shows.
Office staff and field staff work together perfectly and have the same level of information – tedious queries are eliminated. With the nexti sales software for SMEs you accelerate your acquisition processes.

Lead – Information gives you a head start

Have the lead in the sales conversation, because you know what is agreed with the customer.
Dashboards and statistics give additional information you need when negotiating with the customer and for customer management.

Look out – planning provides foresight

Planning your visits using a map is intuitive. Filter your accounts based on any criteria for route planning. Spontaneously visit customers who can be displayed within a radius of your current location.
Activities and appointments are always entered in your calendar up to date. Processing leads and sales opportunities help you manage your sales and order development.

:CRM User cases

How about

  • being able to identify all of the customer's projects or problems?
  • knowing what the sales force agreed with customers yesterday?
  • finding contacts, addresses or phone number right away?
  • having visibility into your daily schedule at all times?
  • convenient support for your field service planning?
  • having all open bids and sales instantly at your fingertips?

Application areas


From the perspective of business or sales management, the performance of individual areas or employees is of interest.
Evaluations tailored to management's requirement are available on both iPad and iPhone. Since the data is not pre-summarised, it can be analysed on the device as desired.
Incoming orders from the sales force from the current day are immediately visible to sales management.


The sales manager or managing director wants to have the contact data of his customers and suppliers always at hand. With :CRM, all this data is available to him offline on the iPhone at any time. Calls can be started or e-mails written directly from the app.


Many new contacts are collected at a trade fair. These can be captured immediately throughout the day on the iPad. This eliminates the work of post-recording for the office staff. The addresses are automatically transferred to the merchandise management system. Already on the same day documents can be sent.


A structured processing of all topics increases sales opportunities.
The procedure and topics to be queried are defined for each customer. For this purpose, there is a protocol to be followed and confirmed step by step during customer visits.
Procedure and protocol can be set individually for each customer. This ensures that customers are always informed about new topics in particular and can receive individual advice.

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Functions in detail

Customer master data

The app stores the complete customer base offline on the iPad.
A customer has a standard address and any number of contact persons, billing addresses, delivery addresses and communication data (e-mail, fax, tel., etc.)

App customer master data

CRM App Search

Search options

Who is the right contact person? What is the phone number? Where is the company?

Don't search anymore, find it! Several search options are available in the app. Global search is used to search in the company name, employee name and company number. In the detailed search you can search directly on the individual fields of the company master as well as on calculated fields.

Display as list or map

The results of the search can be displayed as a list or a map:

  • The colour of the points in the map is rule-based adjustable and give you a first overview
  • With a PopUp display to the customers you can see first details. What information you see is adjustable.

Customer data with route option

With the nexti:CRM App you start your working day relaxed.
Plan your tasks and your route directly on the iPad. On a Google Maps based map the locations of your customers are displayed. This way you can immediately see which customers are nearby.

It is also possible to call Apple Navigation to the destination address directly from Contacts.

Customer Management

After the customer visit is before the customer visit. Get a comprehensive overview of your customers and bring order to your records.
Write down the most important information right after the customer visit. You can also use Siri voice recognition for this purpose. This is done in seconds and saves you a lot of post-processing time. This gives you access to all the customer and contact data you need, anytime, anywhere, to further drive your sales opportunities.

Lead Management

Convert your leads into actual opportunities.
A successful sales representative convinces through direct and adept contact with his customers, a feeling for wishes and needs and, last but not least, through the best organisation and control of his sales processes.
With the :CRM app, you manage and track your sales opportunity from lead capture to sales close. By capturing additional information and resubmissions, your customer acquisition and customer workflow will be optimised.

Capture conversation reports digitally

So nothing is forgotten and you are always perfectly prepared for the next customer meeting.
Here there are two types of visit reports:
a) free, unstructured reports with one long text field
b) structured reports with different field types, such as text fields and checkboxes, which can be arranged according to the customer's wishes.

Sales document entry

Usually, several documents are assigned to one lead or customer.
So first of all a quotation is created, which is followed by an order confirmation and later a delivery bill or an invoice.
Documents (quotations, orders, invoices, etc.) can also be displayed in the sales opportunities. Here, the user can choose to display all documents related to the customer or only the documents assigned to the opportunity.

Reports and dashboards

Which items did you sell, how often and at what price?
How have your sales been in the last few months? With which customers do you make the highest sales?
Our dashboards provide an overview of your business operations. With a few taps you can get detailed reports and create customer statistics.
With the nexti:CRM dashboards you can visualise your data flexibly and edit it freely according to your wishes.

Sales developments

Use the :CRM app to review relevant business metrics and retrieve more detailed information about the customer.
Gain insight into customer sales trends and compare your actual sales results to targets and sales plans.
With an interactive drilldown, you can analyse your data anytime, anywhere and, if necessary, drive key business decisions.

Customer cockpit

For a selected customer, all relevant information is displayed in summary form in the cockpit:

  • Dashboards/Statistics
  • Sales trends per product group with drilldown to the product
  • Important other detailed information (configurable as desired)
  • Activities for this customer (notes/tasks)
  • Documents of the customer (offers, orders, invoices, etc.)

Task Manager

A busy schedule? With the :CRM App you stay “Up-to-Date” and keep an eye on things.
By listing your tasks in Task Manager, you benefit from a comprehensive overview. These tasks can be newly created, edited, commented on and completed on the iPad. Each task can be individually assigned to a lead or a customer.
The masks and fields of the tasks can be set in a wide range according to the customer's wishes.

Offline operation

Use the full functionality of the :CRM Acquisition App with seamless switching between offline and online operation and automatic data reconciliation.
Our app works 100% without network. All data is stored on the iPad and is updated in the background when you are back online.

Seamlessly integrated into ERP system

The standard integration of nexti gmbh brings a ready connection to many ERP systems.
Within one day your system is installed and the data is available on the iPad! We guarantee that!

Customer references

nexti App mapped our functional requirements very well. After a few months of use, no one wants to do without the app.

Many things become very simple and intuitive to use. We would make our decision the same way again and again!
Ospa swimming pool technology
By using the nexti App, the workload for field and office staff has been minimised enormously. The program provides all relevant customer data at a glance and thus simplifies the sales conversation, strengthens customer loyalty and facilitates order entry! Swiss Eye International GmbH

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